POSEIDOMM Talk at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 @San Diego, CA

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Two years of POSEIDOMM project presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 in San Diego, CA (USA)!

Talk AI52A-06 – Enhanced production of dissolved and particulate organic matter in the presence of microplastics at the air-sea interface

Session AI52A – Processes Affecting Air-Sea Exchange and the Biogeochemistry of the Upper Ocean II.

Thanks to Raquel Somavilla Cabrillo for the pictures!

While there, it was also a great experience to co-lead the workshop in:

Communicating Science through Storytelling 

together with colleagues from the ASLO Outreach Subcommittee Elisha M Wood-Charlson from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Ngozi Margaret Oguguah from the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research. 


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