new POSEIDOMM publication – for kids!

It’s hard to explain “hard science” in simple words. We often tend to lock up in our labs in the pursuit of a mission. But if we are not able to communicate our science outside academia, aren’t we missing the track? Isn’t our mission losing some of its meaning?

We decided to try something new: “translate” one of POSEIDOMM papers in a paper that kids could read, and judge. It has been really challenging, but a great experience. The paper has been reviewed by super smart kids (Anna, Clara, Stephan, and Karina) full of curiosity and great questions.

It has not been easy, we tend to take most of the things we write for granted. I am really happy that finally the paper is out, and I have to thank a special person – my sister Teresa – for her drawings. She drew three pictures for this paper, and I think they are really beautiful!

Heres’ the publication:

How Can Plastic on the Sea Surface Affect Our Climate?

Frontiers for Young Minds 

Figure 1 - The biogeochemical carbon cycle in the ocean.

Teresa’s drawing of the carbon cycle in the ocean 

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