Day 11

Day 11

Ooops…I said last sampling was yesterday! Well, we had another one today. Just for the bulk, easy one, CO2, nutrients, chlorophyll, POC, flow cytometry…we had a final meeting all together, to discuss latest results, follow up, and have some cake and wine together and then we went to visit the Cretaquarium! That was great! Great end of the experiment! We said goodbye to Eleni who was going back to Athens – by ferry, overnight! We will miss her.

We went back home, walking by the sea-side. We cooked and went to bed and maybe, for the first time after two weeks, we really slept like stones! In the next days we’ll be around at the institute.. packing, some office work, checking samples.. then a few days of holidays in Crete and back to Italy.

With the hope to come back here one day, maybe for another mesocosms experiment…That has been really an amazing experience!


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