UK will ban plastic micro beads to protect sea life by 2017

Government announces plans to ban microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products.

Read the full communication here.


A study conducted by Plymouth University investigators and published in Marine Pollution Bulletin in 2015 revealed that almost 100,000 ‘microbeads’ could be released in every single application of certain products.

Similarly, in Italy a law proposal has been deposited in May at the Italian Parliament by the NGO Marevivo, which asks for a complete ban on the use of microplastics in cosmetic products by 2019.The parliament shall vote the proposal by November, which would ban both production and selling of care products with microplastics from 1th January 2019.



first Water Watchers Citizen Scientists in Chianti-shire!

Saturday, June 25th. It was a very nice and sunny day and we were sampling along the Pesa torrent (Arno tributary). We had fun, and our citizen scientists were ready to start! After the training and the successful test passed (to start sampling), I have to thank the community of volunteers for support and for the enthusiasm shown! No rubbish was found on the river banks on that day, luckily. But we will keep monitoring and possibly include micro plastics, too. Stay tuned!


Cristina getting some water


Rossella and Giampiero getting the sample


Cristina, Cristina, Giampiero, Alberto, Marco and Rossella checking the turbidity of the water with the Secchi-tube


Rossella holding a nitrate testing tube, waiting for the results of the colorimetric analysis




High school students training FWW

FreshWater Watch High School students training @ Liceo Linguistico Giovanni Pascoli, Florence (Italy).

The outreach part of POSEIDOMM project has started yesterday with the first high-school students in Italy joining the global community of FreshWater Watch citizen scientists! After a training at school and a training outdoor, here you go, ready to get samples! In the picture you can see the students of IV D/L (Liceo Linguistico G. Pascoli, Florence, Italy) and science teacher Prof. Bruna Figliomeni. The students will use the data collected for their science exam at the end of next school year (end of high school, 2017). We will tell you more in the next months…have a nice summer and nice sampling everyone!


Marjo and Edwin@Ocean Conservation and Research

Marjo and Edwin, adventurers, seafarers and environmental advocates welcomed me into their house on the ocean in Lanzarote. They are really great people and I hope we can manage to work out something together, bringing them to the Mediterranean Sea on cooperative projects.

Orion of Aberdeen, a 17 meter (54 ft.) Koopmans Vanguard design steel ketch, built in 1988, is their home and they sail throughout the world with a minimal carbon footprint, reaching areas of difficult access and helping us scientists filling data gaps.

Ocean Conservation and Research is a platform for research, a platform for education and a platform for connections: by working together, scientists and citizens and advocates of the sea, we can contribute gathering knowledge about the oceans, their importance, and the threats they are facing, like plastic pollution.

Thanks Marjo and Edwin for the great job and for welcoming me to your world!


Orion of Aberdeen in Lanzarote, May 2016. @LG


Marjo and Edwin on their sailing boat. @LG


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